Sunday, June 29, 2014

Terraria, Support & Ampranguliss

Hey! As you know I like to support others so here is the sequel to Terraria's original soundtrack:

So as you may know I'm currently writing a movie that's going to be aprox. 60 minutes long and it's called 'Ampranguliss'. It is a remade, refurbished and re-imagined version of the original Ampranguliss which to be hummus with you (which wouldn't be nice O~O); kinda sucked. Don't believe me? Then watch it, it's pretty short:
And in fact that is the YouTube version which cut out a bunch of stuff from the ORIGINAL original Ampranguliss; which I still have on DVD.
Anyways I'm going to release a Kickstarter campaign for the remake soon so stay tuned for that! ^_^
Until then:
Thanks for reading

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