Thursday, April 14, 2016

21 Projects And Counting

Hello everybody, I bring you this blog's 199th post in hopes of informing you that this blog still isn't dead... just really inactive.

So in terms of projects(, and actually working on them) I've been doing quite well.
One of my friends and I have banded together to start work on a script. And hopefully something will be made of it.
I also started work on making a series set in the same universe as my old story-driven "Minecraft SMP" and "MAMB HQ" series. It's going quite well, and I've gained a bit of help from the afore mentioned friend on this project too.
However this doesn't change the fact that I have over 20 projects to work on, and almost no spare time to do other things. (Other than moderate a Minecraft server)

In other events animated band Savlonic have released a Kickstarter for their second album. It's only just reached it's first goal, and Implore you go and check it out using the following link:

That's about all I have to say for now. Sorry that this post seems kinda... disjointed and odd, but that's just how bad I am at journalling.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your time,