Thursday, September 8, 2016

Birthday Update

So my birthday has rolled around again, and so yet another step up the seemingly-infinite-step-ladder. Hopefully this means I can get a job soon so I can actually have a decent amount of money. (yay)

I'm going to a convention later in September, which promises to be fun. And Savlonic just released their new album "Neon" to their Kickstarter backers, so I have something fresh to listen to for a while. I'm working on making an animation for one of the songs that I like--"All-Smiles." Hopefully I'm able to finish it before 2018... ... ... considering how much things could have changed by that time, I... well, I could have a part time job and a whole new setup by then. I could get to know [REDACTED] better, and things could be all swell. On the other hand: I might still be unemployed by that point, and the whole [REDACTED] thing might not turn out so well. We'll just have to see weather I'll make a good employee.

The recent Humble Bundle reminded me that GameMaker(: Studio) exists, and so I'm delving back into that periodically. But who knows, perhaps it'll go somewhere? Well, I'm working on an action game, and if I finish it then it'll go up on my website.

I finally peripheral'd-up and got a Famicom Disk System last month, which is proving to be a lovely addition to the family. And using it I have discovered that my copy of SMB2 is legit, or at least a forgery good enough to work. I've also gotten Castlevania... well, not "Catlevania," but "悪魔城ドラキュラ," or "Akumajou Durakyura." Roughly translating to "Demon Castle Dracula," it's the title for the Japanese version of Castlevania. Either way, it's proven to be quite fun when it's not kicking you in the nuts 3 minutes in.

As for the CSTSFMC2016? I came 11th out of the 19 entries. Yeah, ouch! I can't believe it's been nearly 3 months since that, perhaps my lack of things-to-do since then has made the gap between then and now seem shorter in retrospect?

Hopefully that satisfies, (I know, I've been absent for so long) I actually have some things to talk about right now, which is fantastic when writing a blog post. So how about in the future I only post when I have something to say? Cool, see you then.

Thanks for reading,