Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Waz Up? II

Waz Up Has Had A Large Update, So Go Check It Out!
See You In Update III

Waz Up?

I Am Creating A New Branch Of The MAMB For Comics Called: 'Waz Up?'
It Has Just Created And There Isn't Really Anything There But You Can Check It Out There: Was Up? Comics

Friday, June 28, 2013

In The Making...

FYDIDL V3 Will Soon Be Made, I Will Upload It If The Previous Version (V2) Gets 6 More Downloads =)

Monday, June 24, 2013

('!**>->**[=|"What's New?"|=]**<-<**!')

"What's New?" Ok, I'll Tell You:

  • New YouTube Video: 'Trapped Walktrough'
  • New YouTube Intro And Outro
  • New YouTube Series: 'Video News', With It's First Episode Being About My New Intro/Outro's
That's All For Now, Byeee!! "Byeee!"

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ok... Yes... No... Why? Oh...

I Have Been Rather Off Colour Lately So I Haven't Been Doing Much...
But I Have Been Feeling Better Recently, So I Guess Things Are Going To Be Much More LIVELY Round Here From NOW And On!
So What Will I Be Doing In This Lively Time?
Well I Will Give You A Small List:

  1. More Minecraft SMP
  2. More YouTube Videos In General
  3. Possibly More MAMB Members
  4. More Nightmare Progress
  5. More Games (Like Ekizawa 2, Quadrapel And Cilican Daze)
  6. More Movies And Animated Films (Like Ampranguliss Remake 1-4, Dear Diary & Xenita)
  7. And More Updates On Google+, Twitter & Facebook
Well Hello There Mia, Here Hop On My Lap, Ok? No? Ok, Bye =)
Oh, Sorry Bout That, It Was Just Our New Kitten Mia Who Came And Said Hi To Me ;)
But That's All I Can Think Of Right Now So, Byeeeeee!!

Eyes Failing, Brain Racing...

My Eyes Are Failing Or Flailing Or However You Spell It, And My Brain Is Racing Or Raking Or HOWEVER YOU BLOODY SPELL IT!!
Anyway, I Should Have More Progress On Nightmare By The End Of Today, And Maybe I Miight Start To Work On Ekizawa 2 Sooon? Hmmm... Yes, Sooon... Verrrry Verrry Soon...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some People Just Won't F***ing Listen!! AND THEY NEVER WILL!!

Some People Just Won't Listen To Me When I Say "Stop", And Then Everyone Says I Should Say That When Someone Of Doing Something I Don't Want Them To, F***ING HELL, DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME? MAYBE IT WAS THE UNIVERSE'S MISTAKE THAT WE EVEN F***ING TALK AT ALL?





Q. So What's Happening?
A. Not Too Much, Mainly Rendering And Uploading
Q. To Clear Space?
A. Yeah...
Q. Is Anything Wrong
A. I Feel Sick And Tired, It's Nothing Too Serious Though
Q. Were Is Minecraft SMP Series 4 Episode 4?!?
A. I Recorded It, It's On It's Way, There Is A Website I'm Working On Too

Sorry Bout That =(

Hello! I Haven't Posted For A While, I Have Been Busy With Some Things =)
But Hey, I'm Back!
Well Let's See, What Have I Done For The Last 3 Or 4 Days?

  1. More Cats
  2. Had Sommer And Macy Round For A Sleepover
  3. Explored The Latest Version Of 3089
  4. Played Minecraft On Some Servers And Tried Some Mods
And That's About It, I Also Worked On Editing And Recording Horror =D
And I Can Give You A Few Screenshots Here:
The Logo For K&Z's Horror

A Toilet Filled With Blood

And A Strange Hand...That's Really All I Can Show Without Spoiling Allot, So Bye, Seeya Next Time =D

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Once it did, now it doesn't, what are numbers? Should you eat yourself?
Should the moon be square? Should we be spiders?
Why the f*** do we ask all the questions when the answer is right in front of you,
Accept the you that it's in front of is in another dimension!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aww Yeah!

I'm Going To Record (And Maybe Even UPLOAD) A New Episode Of Minecraft SMP!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome To My Blog!

Hey Everyone, Welcome To My (And The MAMB's) Blog!
First Let Me Tell You A Bit About Myself:
I Am 10 And I Make A Range Of Things, From Games To Animated Films!
I Have A Girlfriend Called Sommer Who Is 9 And Also Has A Blog: Link
Were Both Really Tall For Our Age, Sommer Is Always About 1cm Higher Than Me Though =P
I'm Also An Atheist But I LOVE Science
I Seem To Sub-Consciously Be Able To Make Things Move / Disappear, It's Happened 2/3 Times Now!
And I Think We All Have Powers Like That That We Can Only Sub-Consciously Control, And Not Everyone Could Have Unique Powers, You Might Have The Same Power As Me Just Not Know It!
Ok, That Sounds Really Stupid Doesn't It?
I Also Created The MAMB Team And Now They Have A Website: Link
I Love Nayn Cat And I Even Created A Website For That Too Called 'World Of Nayn Cat': Link
My Favourite Game Is Minecraft And I Have Been Playing It For Almost 3 Years Now!
I Also Like Terraria, Portal 1 & 2, Little Inferno, Spelunky, Stranded II, Costume Quest, Papers Please, 3089, 3079, Wolf Quest, Thomas Was Alone, I Get This Call Every Day, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 1, 2, 3 & 4, Stick RPG 1 & 2, Splitter 1 & 2 And Blox Deluxe & Forever (That's ALLOT)
There Are About 10 More But I Didn't Want To Bore You All To Death Did I?
As You Can See I Love Gaming, I Have Been Gaming Since I Was About... 2 Or 3? Maybe 4... I Don't Quite Remember But It Was Pretty Early In My Life, I Now Have A PS3, Laptop And A 4th Generation Ipod Touch
I Am Home-Schooled And I Go To Wirraglen: Link
You Can Even See Me In Their Homepage Picture:
That's Me Were The Arrows
Are Pointing, I'm Very Ugly
Aren't I? I Have Sort Of
Orange Hair A Freckly Face
And Dimples, My Eyes Are
Brown, I Wish My Eyes Were
Blue My Hair Was Black
And My Skin Was Pail!
But I Should Really Stop Rambling
And Get Back To The Point, This
Is My Blog Were You Get To Hear My Constant Stream Of Thoughts
I Will Post On This Blog 0-3 Times A Day Depending On How Eventful The Day Was
You Can Also Find Me On The Following If You Want To Come Say Hi:
The Minecraft Forums
The MAMB Website
And Just So You Know My Minecraft Name Is 'zxin', So If You Ever See Me Tell Me You Have Read This And Maybe Give Me Some Feedback!

Comments Are Very Much Appreciated, And If You Have Some Time Go Check Out Sommer's Blog Too, I'm Sure She Would Love That Very Much, So Byeee!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


FYDIDL Is Ready!
Read More There:
And There:
And Now There's A V2!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

1 Good Thing

I Think There Was About 1 Good Thing About Today:
Getting A New Plasma Ball!
For Free Too Thanks To The 12 Month (1 Year) Warranty!!

Bigest, LOL

This is most likely the BIGEST site update ever!

Woke Up, Felt Bad

I Woke Up Today Felling Really Shit, Maybe Due To The Fact I Went To Sleep Last Night At About 12:30 PM, I Was Up All Night Making Subtitles For 'Minecraft SMP S4 E1 - The Terrible Secret'

And The Awesome Plasma Ball I Got Broke ='(

Monday, June 3, 2013


That is that it is, or is it?
Did that make any sense?
Please just fu*king tell me in the comments! (or else)