Thursday, July 24, 2014


Before I go, New MAMB Logo!
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New Laptop

Ok so my new laptop is here which means I'm transferring files and I'll most likely be absent from the internet for about a week or two
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Animations, Animations & MORE ANIMATIONS

The animated portion 'zxin Killed Them All' is finished, now all I have to do is edit in the sounds, make the music, paste it all together and upload it to YouTube.
I have now started to story board and make rigs for 'I Just Drift To Sleep' which won't be cannon to Minecraft SMP, The MAMB HQ and also Moncraft Series 1 and 2. This is in fact set in a parallel universe to the craftifa one with the same people with the same characteristics but have experienced a different set of events which means they may be a little different. In this parallel universe zxin has a sister, 'zxir' who is 18 and on her last day of school. zxin is 22 and although he suffers reverse insomnia; (meaning him always falling asleep) when his sister appears in one of his dreams and she isn't home. He goes to where the dream was set... Her screams ringing in his ears.

Nice idea, no? Also this is one of the fairly poorly drawn story boards I've made so I don't entirely forget what everything looks like:

And there you go! Stay tuned for more from me
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Friday, July 11, 2014


Hello guys! I'm starting something called Patreon which I've seen tons of YouTubers do; even though I'm not that popular I decided to give it a go
If you like my blog posts, Twitch streams or YouTube Videos then please go support me:

If you don't have the money or don't like me enough then that's fine, ultimately the decision is your's
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Animation, MORE Kickstarter & The Future (Look At This Bloodbath)

Hey I've been working on this animation right... Here:

And this is for 'zxin Killed Them All', a short fight scene... THINGey animation and it's ALMOST done.
Also the Kickstarter is still a WIP so sit tight, and for the future?
I'm going to slow down a bit on the blog posts so I can make bigger more... Interesting blog posts.
But yeah this is; kinda it

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kickstarter, Computer Issues & A Reminder

REMINDER: I'm doing a Kickstarter for Ampranguliss soon, I'll update you when it's up
So due to my computer crashing a lot; (and me trying to get a new one) I may not be active on YouTube for a little
Oh if you haven't already help me by checking out razer via one of these links:

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