Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A new beginning... (Ish)

Hello my readers! (Yes I get to say that now because this is my blog)
As all of you have read the last post know... This is now my blog.
And that means this is kind-of a new beginning. (Not that the other members really used this blog much)
I'm sure some of you want to know more about why I ended The MAMB, so here's more reasonz and shtufffs (Or at least a short story about it):

So before I begin I'd like to let you know that there was one other time I thought of quitting The MAMB and disbanding them forever, but I think I was feeling quite suicidal that day too.
So I wouldn't say it really counts.

Anyway let's begin. (finally)
So Sommer had just quit, I had just woken up and was... Well I didn't give a fuck basically.
Soo I looked at the website and saw I hadn't updated the videos so I thought I better go do that later. Then it struck me; 'why not disband the team?', I saw many good reasons to do so (Member inactivity, me having to pick up the slack because of them, (thank you for that by the way you little shits) etc) So I got on my laptop and while it was loading up I thought of what to say to let people know right away that the team was gone and the website was changing.
And now you know the story and also I'm really tired to I'm gonna go to bed ok bye this is the longest freaking sentence ever lol.