Wednesday, July 1, 2015

N.E.T. Story, Gaming and Retro Stuff (July Update)

Hello everybody! Yes, it's a new month and a new font. (Well it's a new month for me anyway.)
So first of all, I've been working on N.E.T. Story II and I'm exited to say I've found a subtitle I'm happy with. So from now on it shall be known as 'N.E.T. Story II: The Surface'.
Second of all, back in June my Oh the joy Fanimation went from around %60 to %100 complete. You can watch it by clicking here. Please be sure to tell me what you think.
And third of all, I got my Cave Story+ Machine Gun Challenge time down to 1'40"5!
Fourth and finally: Retro.
Yes, retro, you heard me, retro. This month I've gotten my hands on a Nintendo Entertainment System. (Or an N.E.S if you're cool with that.) It was pretty cheap, costing around $115 including postage. The box itself (The NES console I mean) is in pretty good cosmetic condition, there's some pen marks on the flap you lift up to insert the cartridges. The console also came with Super Mario Bros. and Digger T. Rock both complete and in pretty good condition.
The console came with an RF switch and 2 controllers, and as you would expect, a power cord. For an extra $20 they also threw in Super Mario Bros. 3 with the manual, which I've read trough and it appears to be in practically mint condition.
Also later on I got Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, and right now I'm planning to either get a Famicom and a Disk System or a Twin Famicom because I've heard they're much easier to plug into the TV. But we'll see. After I've gotten a Famicom and maybe the original Legend of Zelda I'm going to look into getting a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, I don't plan on getting a Super Famicom. I wouldn't get a Nintendo 64, but it has The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which I've heard is the best game of all time. Dammit. Once I have an N64 I'll probably get a Sega genesis, just because Sonic The Hedgehog.
Thanks for reading,