Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pretty Picture You Say?

I stayed up pretty late last night working on this:
Which I must say is my best work yet, either way I'll explain what the picture is of now:
Anyway this is a picture of idolized Minecraft versions of (Left to right) Sommer, IdolIdolKitCat & zxir
I like the way it turned out, it didn't look great to begin with but then I did KitCat (Who looks best here, be honest ;)) and I got kinda exited for the final look of this picture! But yeah...
The MAMB Team Wiki is going ok
Anyway, seya!
(Watashi no kami, korera no shashin ga kawa─ź)
Thanks for reading

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wikipedia, Kickstarter Update #7 & Finalization (Sit tight we're almost done!)

Ok so I've created a Wikipedia for The MAMB Team which is still in it's early stages but if you are interested in helping and you know a lot about us then think about contributing!
Also news on the Kickstarter:
We just have to do one more thing before releasing it to the public! Are you ready? Do consider backing us if you're interested in Ampranguliss and you wan't to help an independent movie
So sit tight and I will make a post when the Kickstarter is OUT!
Sit tight

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Update #6 (Yay the Amp Kickstarter has a video now ^__^)

So in case you haven't seen the Kickstarter for Ampranguliss like in every post I will include a link (
It now has a video! (As you will quickly asses) We are mainly just babbling about what will be in Ampranguliss as appose to the behind the scenes chat the text descriptions will provide
I like the current logo but if you'd like me to add anything to it be sure to tell me =P
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Update #5

Just putting in some minor tweaks and working out a goal for the server before the release of the Kickstarter, I should be able to film the rest of the video by tomorrow and I'll edit it later.
So it should be done by the end of the week... ? Anyways
Stay tuned
Thanks for reading

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Update #4

Ok so the Kickstarter has moved to:
Also the video is one person off being finished

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Preview Update #3

So now all I have to do is film the rest of the video and work out the exact goal I want really, the rest will just be BTS tweaks
So as always co check it out: And leave your feedback!
Thanks for staying tuned

Post Script:
Also the Risks and Changes will be longer

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Preview Update #2

Ok working on the description now by listing some expenses we have to cover. Also tweaking up the logo a bit
Check it out now:
If you would like to give me some constructive criticism on the project so far you can leave me some feedback and I'll get back to you on it right away

Friday, August 8, 2014

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Preview Update #1

Ok so I've added some pledge rewards, a description and you can check it out now by click this link:
Also expect more changes very soon
Thanks for reading

Ampranguliss Kickstarter Preview!

Hey guys! I've been quiet while I get used to my new fast laptop and now I am loving my new setup ^_^
So now I'm kinda outta ideas for the Ampranguliss script so I've worked on the Kickstarter video/content and I've even created a logo for Ampranguliss (Although it may be subject to changes =P) but if you wanna see my current progress on the Kickstarter click this link:
Not much yet but It will get better... Stay tuned for more news, September is almost here and then October when (Hopefully) we can film Ampranguliss!
Thanks for waiting, stay tuned!