Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hey guys I've been sort of dead on the internet lately. But be sure I'm still here!
Dear diary progress? none
But I have done SOMETHING, wait for it... Wait for it... I'm writing a movie called "Ampranguliss Remake"; it's a remake of: "Ampranguliss 1 - A Normal Day For Us", Ampranguliss 2 - Dead Or A Deam?", "Ampranguliss 3 - Two Bloddy Hands" And "Ampranguliss 4 - A (Long) Love Story" Which I discontinued to write the script for Ampranguliss Remake. It will star me, Andrew (asp3703), Macy (KitCat), Meric (Who you haven't met yet) and some other people who we haven't casteded yet! (yaaay)
So that should be done by about the end of this year to the start of next year (AKA f#©%ing ages)
But that's it see-ya later peeps!

Thanks For Your Time

PS. Steaming now:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Progress

Having a break from my break, progress on Dear Diary is now in progress!