Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An announcement...

Hello everyone! If you're a regular visitor to The MAMB Team website you will already know this by now. However if you don't read it now:

Hello loyal fans and passers by! I would just like to announce the break up of The MAMB Team. I feel that I am not up to managing a group like this, (Be it a small one) I haven't seen Macy in 3 months, Sommer has resigned and Derk is ready to move on to other projects.

"what will happen to all your websites, projects and other things?" you may be asking. Do not worry about these since most of them are solely worked on by me (Insomnia? Yep! IJDTS? Yep! Ampranguliss? Yep! All the websites? Yep, yep and yep!)
And I have been working with a lot of people that aren't in the MAMB recently (One of the more notable of them being 'Puzzling999')
"But... What about all the MAMB Websites? They have to go right??!"
Well... Actually no. The majority of The MAMB websites will be transformed into websites for me (Like a portfolio and what not)
And this website? If I can learn enough HTML then hopefully I can remake this website from scratch using my own code!

This is my decision alone and not anyone else's so I take all the blame, and as a result I have not yet told any of the other members of this (Although I doubt they'd care)
It was quite a disillusion to be honest

I thank everyone else who is still in The Team who participated.
It has been a great opportunity to study human psychology and I hope one day I can create a more focused and creative group that actually do things and care for each-other

-Thanks for your time
zxin (Group leader)

What you just read was posted on The MAMB Team website a few minutes ago.
And so from now on this will be my blog and my blog alone.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Oh it's good stuff, oh you KNOW it's good! You just jelly! What? Oh I should explain! =P
So I've been animating out the B\/^^#0L3 recently and it's been because I am now renting the one and only (and the legendary) Fl! What? you don't know what that is?? oh, Fl is Flash... I'm a  F L A S H  A N I M A T O R now, ok?
But yeah so using Flash has been great, I like using a mix of Frame-by-Frame and Tweening.
For dem noobies:
Frame by Frame is drawing every frame of the animation of scratch
Tweening is where the image moves from frame a to frame b, there are 3 types of tweens:
1. Classic tweens, these tweens only move (and sometimes rotate and fade) and they will instantly change to the next frame when they are in the right place
2. Shape tweens, these tweens are most likely the best (even though they're a f***ing PAIN!) because they morph the image as it moves, although when they morph incorectly you can either put in shape hints to fix it or cry and give up and tell shape tweens to go f*** themselves because they deserve it.
And lastly:
3. Motion tweens, I feel like nobody really uses motion tweens because they're very odd -- the way they work is by default they don't move, you have to give them locations to go to and what not. They're very customize-able but also a bit too much work =\

So that's my INFORMATIONOVERLOAD.fla over and done with.

Post Script: Also that 'World's first REAL hoverboard' kickstarter I'm a backer of is about to end -- I hope it all goes well

For those who have no idea wtf it is:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Omnomnomnomnomnom Hoverboards OMWNOMMNOMNOOMNOMNOMNONMO christmas

So Christ's mass is upon me and  H O V E R B O A R D S
So yeah check this out:

MM M M M M M M M G    E  TT   M E    O N   E   N  O    W