Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Japan: This blog is dead... Oh wait (December Update)

So a month ago this blog pretty-much died, I stopped posting and forgot about it entirely, how neglectful of me. As I write this post I just received an email that says the following:

That pretty-much sums up the response from my readers.
I will now reply to a commonly asked question around the internet and the world that is asked when someone returns from an unknown location after a bloated amount of time...
"Where we're you?!"
I'll tell you where I was, Japan, as the title may suggest.
Now before you run around running and screaming or just commenting "Lucky" I want you to consider how many other people would do the same thing.
Japan is, most certainly, above all else, quite well suited to me. It's full of delicious, inexpensive food. The people aren't obnoxious or deserving of a slow painful death. There is a distinct lack of sunlight, like in the UK, but it's still very hot and humid in the summer.
Also if you ever happen to go to Japan yourself, be sure to go into a Family Mart and get a packet of what appear to be 4 pancakes for ¥108, what are they? They are, in fact, 2 pancakes sand-wedged together with butter and maple syrup in them, there are also variations such as the lighter ones which have a lemon-ish custard in them.
The one thing I can say is that if you hate rice then Japan isn't really for you, since some Japanese people are happy to eat white rice on it's own. Vending machines are abundant, and have a variety of lowly priced drinks in them, some other vending machines I saw dispensed:

  1. Drinks
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Alcoholic Drinks
  4. Newspapers
  5. Tea-Bags
  6. Instant Coffee
  7. Health Food Bars
And more...

If after all I've said you don't think Japan sounds very interesting then you should be glad to know some things in Japan change as you move around, like with any country.
That's all I can type for this month,
Thanks for your time,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Eaten by Jam! (October Update)

As mundane as my "real life" is, it does have it's interesting stories, here is one of those such stories:
So today I wen't to my local Library and to my surprise it had both of Yahtzee Crosaw's novels in it's database, Mogworld and Jam. Only Jam was at the Library I was at, the other was at another Library, so I got Jam and wen't to the shops. I read the first 2 pages of the book, it is mentioned that the "Man eating Jam" is strawberry scented/flavored, so when browsing for Jam that I wanted I ended up getting strawberry flavored jam... Fuck.
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Animating Gigimajig (September Update)

So I've gotten a thing to animate. (Yay!)
And a new website. (Yay!)
And that's pretty-much all I have to say. (WHAT?!)
I should post more ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Terraria, Like a Drug (August Update)

So last month can be summarized as 'Meh', I didn't make any progress on anything and I didn't do anything particularly outstanding... Except Terraria. Holly shit, Terraria.
Recently I've been playing Terraria like an addict would take a drug, it's been very fun. Especially in multiplayer. I think it must be one of the most addictive games I've ever played, and the most rewarding.
Other than that I don't have much to say about last month, hopefully I will have another update out in September.
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

N.E.T. Story, Gaming and Retro Stuff (July Update)

Hello everybody! Yes, it's a new month and a new font. (Well it's a new month for me anyway.)
So first of all, I've been working on N.E.T. Story II and I'm exited to say I've found a subtitle I'm happy with. So from now on it shall be known as 'N.E.T. Story II: The Surface'.
Second of all, back in June my Oh the joy Fanimation went from around %60 to %100 complete. You can watch it by clicking here. Please be sure to tell me what you think.
And third of all, I got my Cave Story+ Machine Gun Challenge time down to 1'40"5!
Fourth and finally: Retro.
Yes, retro, you heard me, retro. This month I've gotten my hands on a Nintendo Entertainment System. (Or an N.E.S if you're cool with that.) It was pretty cheap, costing around $115 including postage. The box itself (The NES console I mean) is in pretty good cosmetic condition, there's some pen marks on the flap you lift up to insert the cartridges. The console also came with Super Mario Bros. and Digger T. Rock both complete and in pretty good condition.
The console came with an RF switch and 2 controllers, and as you would expect, a power cord. For an extra $20 they also threw in Super Mario Bros. 3 with the manual, which I've read trough and it appears to be in practically mint condition.
Also later on I got Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, and right now I'm planning to either get a Famicom and a Disk System or a Twin Famicom because I've heard they're much easier to plug into the TV. But we'll see. After I've gotten a Famicom and maybe the original Legend of Zelda I'm going to look into getting a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, I don't plan on getting a Super Famicom. I wouldn't get a Nintendo 64, but it has The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which I've heard is the best game of all time. Dammit. Once I have an N64 I'll probably get a Sega genesis, just because Sonic The Hedgehog.
Thanks for reading,

Monday, June 1, 2015

Geometry Dash, Animating and Ccaavveessttoorryy(+)! (June Update)

So I haven't really done much animating. Now, before you yell at me, I have my reasons and excuses.
So I've been working really hard on getting the world record in Cave Story+'s Machine Gun Challenge, after working my heart to it's absolute limit and training lots everyday I finally got my time down to 1'41"4.
Not only that but I've been playing Geometry Dash a lot, which is very time consuming, and please bear in mind this is for fun, this is what I do for entertainment. My job (animating) really comes second, because when animation comes first my life becomes rather monotonous and boring. Don't get me wrong, I love animating! But it's very hard to do, very time consuming, and I'm not particularly good at it either.
Last of all I finally just got back to making *N.E.T. Story II, my next Cave Story mod, and it's really nice to get back into Cave Story modding after my long break from it, it's also really fun playing back what progress I'd already made on the mod.
So hopefuly that explains everything, I really do want to get back into animating soon, but I need a break. A big break, too.
Thanks for reading,
*(Name not final)

Friday, May 1, 2015

*Coughs up blood* (May Update)

*Coughs up blood*

Yeah (still) not dead, and I'm still working on animations despite it being so FUCKING hard!
Yes you heard me right, animations, the plural being the focus. I'm now working on three animations, and once I've finished one I have another two or so to do. (ugh)
One of the animations is a fanimation for the song 'Oh the joy' from the end of year walk, the second one is a short Geometry Dash parody animation (Yes, the first 2D Geometry Dash animated parody, I'm such a goddamn pioneer.) and the last one is a secret... Because I can baby.

What else? I also have a YouTube video/series coming down the pipe... sometime... Maybe next year? Don't judge me, I'm busy! I've also been sleeping whenever I want because... I dunno; I CAN. Also I found an interesting album created by someone called 'The Possessed Composer', it's pretty awful but I think that's the point...?

Cool, I think that's it,
Thanks for reading,

... Oh and one more thing: you smell like vomit, go have a bath.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A new project

So, been a while! (Like 34 days)
Someone's asked me to do an animation for them, I won't disclose too much bit I'm hoping it'll turn out well.
Also me and my bud' Jack have been working on our Minecraft servers.
Basically; all is well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A new beginning... (Ish)

Hello my readers! (Yes I get to say that now because this is my blog)
As all of you have read the last post know... This is now my blog.
And that means this is kind-of a new beginning. (Not that the other members really used this blog much)
I'm sure some of you want to know more about why I ended The MAMB, so here's more reasonz and shtufffs (Or at least a short story about it):

So before I begin I'd like to let you know that there was one other time I thought of quitting The MAMB and disbanding them forever, but I think I was feeling quite suicidal that day too.
So I wouldn't say it really counts.

Anyway let's begin. (finally)
So Sommer had just quit, I had just woken up and was... Well I didn't give a fuck basically.
Soo I looked at the website and saw I hadn't updated the videos so I thought I better go do that later. Then it struck me; 'why not disband the team?', I saw many good reasons to do so (Member inactivity, me having to pick up the slack because of them, (thank you for that by the way you little shits) etc) So I got on my laptop and while it was loading up I thought of what to say to let people know right away that the team was gone and the website was changing.
And now you know the story and also I'm really tired to I'm gonna go to bed ok bye this is the longest freaking sentence ever lol.