Friday, May 1, 2015

*Coughs up blood* (May Update)

*Coughs up blood*

Yeah (still) not dead, and I'm still working on animations despite it being so FUCKING hard!
Yes you heard me right, animations, the plural being the focus. I'm now working on three animations, and once I've finished one I have another two or so to do. (ugh)
One of the animations is a fanimation for the song 'Oh the joy' from the end of year walk, the second one is a short Geometry Dash parody animation (Yes, the first 2D Geometry Dash animated parody, I'm such a goddamn pioneer.) and the last one is a secret... Because I can baby.

What else? I also have a YouTube video/series coming down the pipe... sometime... Maybe next year? Don't judge me, I'm busy! I've also been sleeping whenever I want because... I dunno; I CAN. Also I found an interesting album created by someone called 'The Possessed Composer', it's pretty awful but I think that's the point...?

Cool, I think that's it,
Thanks for reading,

... Oh and one more thing: you smell like vomit, go have a bath.