Thursday, June 26, 2014

Razer, Absence and Popularity (Hey, I need your help!)

Hey, sad really my blog became kinda popular and then it sorta died... =(
Ok so I'm back and, OK; can I get your help?
So if you know Razer you might also know they have a referral program, and if you know about that you know what I want. Basically if you have the time, go check out razer via one of these links (Doesn't matter which one)
I will get some awesome stuff or an extra competition entry and you can get some awesome software and tech: (Razer Surround - To make surround sound better) (Razer Comms - Skype made for gaming) (Razer Game Booster - Makes games run faster and makes them funner)

Thanks for reading, the reason I've been absent is I've been sick (Diarrhoea & Constipation for your information) and my computer screen has been breaking every month or so (it did half way trough this post too =3) AND you might know; I've been writing a movie script so yeah I've been busy
Thanks for reading

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