Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sorry Bout That =(

Hello! I Haven't Posted For A While, I Have Been Busy With Some Things =)
But Hey, I'm Back!
Well Let's See, What Have I Done For The Last 3 Or 4 Days?

  1. More Cats
  2. Had Sommer And Macy Round For A Sleepover
  3. Explored The Latest Version Of 3089
  4. Played Minecraft On Some Servers And Tried Some Mods
And That's About It, I Also Worked On Editing And Recording Horror =D
And I Can Give You A Few Screenshots Here:
The Logo For K&Z's Horror

A Toilet Filled With Blood

And A Strange Hand...That's Really All I Can Show Without Spoiling Allot, So Bye, Seeya Next Time =D

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