Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ok... Yes... No... Why? Oh...

I Have Been Rather Off Colour Lately So I Haven't Been Doing Much...
But I Have Been Feeling Better Recently, So I Guess Things Are Going To Be Much More LIVELY Round Here From NOW And On!
So What Will I Be Doing In This Lively Time?
Well I Will Give You A Small List:

  1. More Minecraft SMP
  2. More YouTube Videos In General
  3. Possibly More MAMB Members
  4. More Nightmare Progress
  5. More Games (Like Ekizawa 2, Quadrapel And Cilican Daze)
  6. More Movies And Animated Films (Like Ampranguliss Remake 1-4, Dear Diary & Xenita)
  7. And More Updates On Google+, Twitter & Facebook
Well Hello There Mia, Here Hop On My Lap, Ok? No? Ok, Bye =)
Oh, Sorry Bout That, It Was Just Our New Kitten Mia Who Came And Said Hi To Me ;)
But That's All I Can Think Of Right Now So, Byeeeeee!!

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