Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Animations, Animations & MORE ANIMATIONS

The animated portion 'zxin Killed Them All' is finished, now all I have to do is edit in the sounds, make the music, paste it all together and upload it to YouTube.
I have now started to story board and make rigs for 'I Just Drift To Sleep' which won't be cannon to Minecraft SMP, The MAMB HQ and also Moncraft Series 1 and 2. This is in fact set in a parallel universe to the craftifa one with the same people with the same characteristics but have experienced a different set of events which means they may be a little different. In this parallel universe zxin has a sister, 'zxir' who is 18 and on her last day of school. zxin is 22 and although he suffers reverse insomnia; (meaning him always falling asleep) when his sister appears in one of his dreams and she isn't home. He goes to where the dream was set... Her screams ringing in his ears.

Nice idea, no? Also this is one of the fairly poorly drawn story boards I've made so I don't entirely forget what everything looks like:

And there you go! Stay tuned for more from me
Thanks for reading

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