Monday, August 5, 2013

Ouya And Portal 3

Andrew Is Working On Pre-Ordering The Ouya (Since It's Hard To Get Here In Australia)
I've Been Wondering; Will There Be A 'Portal 3', Check This Out: Link I Don't Know What To Make Of It... All I Know Is That Good Game SP Said This About Portal 3 (And Portal In General) On Their Q&A: Link

The Viewer Said:
"SSSSSSSsssssssss BOOM! Yay! The thing got your attention! Anyway, I have 5 questions: 
1. Who IS Chell in Portal (2)? 
2. What is kept inside a companion cube? 
3. Is it true that Valve just learnt how to count to 3? 
4. If it is, will there be a portal 3? ;\ <- 4="" nbsp="" of="" part="" q.="" span="">
5. Can you make these faces? =) ;/ =d = [ [:-|"

And Then Good Game (SP) Said:
"Also I don’t think Valve has learnt to count to three yet, two seems to be about as high as they go.... "

"I hope they are making a third Portal..."

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