Friday, May 3, 2013

A Two Sided Day

Life Is Hard... But I Got Starbound (Gold Tier) Today!
It Gives Me The Following:
Name An NPC After You In The Game (I Called Mine 'zxin Mine')
Get A Beta  Invite (I Think That Means Play The Beta) + A Steam Key
Get The Whole Soundtrack (I'm Listening To It Right Now!)
And Get The Game When It Comes Out!! (See All It Here!)

I Want To Make Horror... But Without Sommer... I... I Can't... {;'-(
I Haven't Actually Skyped With Sommer Or Seen Her For A Month, I'm Starting To Think She Doesn't Like Me Any More...

Well... I Made A New Episode Of Spelunky Today
I Don't Know If... I Can... Keep On Going
Life Right Now... It's Hard... And...
Well... That's The Thing, I Don't Know That Yet...

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